Rio De La Plata

Río de la Plata Crackers Biscuits with Original Bran Salvado Original, 400 g / 14.10 oz

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The Original Bran Crackers Biscuits Río de la Plata are a healthy and delicious option to enjoy as a snack. This 400-gram (14.10 oz) package contains crispy biscuits made with original bran, which provides fiber and essential nutrients. These biscuits are perfect for pairing with cheese, spreading with your favorite dip, or simply enjoying on their own. Their crunchy texture and light flavor make them a versatile and tasty choice for any occasion. Additionally, their bran content makes them a nutritious choice to complement a balanced diet. Enjoy the Original Bran Crackers Biscuits Río de la Plata and discover the perfect balance between taste and health.

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