Tentaciones Instituto Crandon - Baking Recipe Book Libro de Repostería (Spanish)

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Between innovation and tradition, Temptations is a book to learn, taste and enjoy pastry.
A book full of chocolates, fruits, biscuits, creams and colors. With basic and more complex recipes to explore the bakery, from classic desserts to the latest trends.
7 chapters: classics and the world; gâteaux; special occasions; just chocolate; tea time; easy; no sugar.
120 preparations with detailed information: degrees of difficulty, gluten-free, sugar-free and classic recipes from Uruguayan households.
Information on how to read a recipe, equivalencies, pastry ingredients and glossary of specialty terms.
Indexes: general, by chapters, Uruguayan recipes and gluten-free recipes.
200 color pages; more than 85 photographs and description of techniques (how to hydrate gelatin, melt chocolate, caramelize nuts, make meringues, etc.).
Selection of recipes and laboratory tests: Crandon Gastronomic teaching team (Crandon Institute).

Number of pages: 200
Genre of the book: Gastronomy
ISBN: 09789974903371

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