Artisanal Ski Chocolate Peanut Crunch Nougat Turrón de Maní Sabor Chocolate, 115 g / 4.05 oz

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Experience the artistry of Ski's Chocolate Peanut Crunch Nougat, meticulously crafted from premium peanuts for an exquisite flavor profile. Each bite encapsulates a harmonious fusion of luscious chocolate and the wholesome essence of peanuts, delivering a delightful contrast in texture and taste. With 115g of this artisanal creation, savor the rich, crunchy indulgence that perfectly balances the nutty goodness and the sweetness of chocolate, elevating your snacking moments to sheer satisfaction. Treat yourself to this decadent delight, an ideal companion for your sweet cravings, offering an unparalleled combination of quality, taste, and craftsmanship.

  • Handcrafted from the finest peanuts, our Ski Chocolate Peanut Crunch Nougat delivers a delightful blend of rich chocolate and nutty flavors in every bite.
  • Indulge in a crunchy texture that perfectly complements the smoothness of chocolate, creating an irresistible experience.
  • This 115g package offers an artisanal treat, combining the goodness of peanuts with the decadence of chocolate in a convenient size.
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