Diverpapas Papas Fritas Clásicas Crunchy Potato Chips Snacks, 70 g / 2.46 oz bag

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Experience the authentic taste of Uruguay with Diverpapas Crunchy Potato Chips. Savor the crispy goodness of these classic snacks, crafted from high-quality potatoes and seasoned to perfection. Whether you're craving a solo snack or hosting a gathering, the 70 g / 2.46 oz bag is ideal for any occasion. Grab a bag and enjoy the crunch!

  • Treat yourself to the classic crunch of Diverpapas Crunchy Potato Chips, a beloved snack from Uruguay.
  • Made from premium potatoes and expertly seasoned, these chips offer a satisfyingly crispy texture and irresistible flavor.
  • Each 70 g / 2.46 oz bag is perfect for enjoying on-the-go or sharing with friends and family.
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