Doritos Dynamite Flamin Hot Corn Snack with Cheese, Chili & Lime Flavor - Sabritas, 70 g / 2.46 oz

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Unleash your taste buds with the explosive combination of flavors in Doritos Dynamite Flamin Hot Corn Snack. Sabritas has masterfully crafted a snack that marries the creaminess of cheese, the boldness of chili, and the citrusy kick of lime. In this convenient 70g pack, you can enjoy the intense heat and crunch anywhere – be it at work, school, or on the couch during your favorite movie. Perfect for spice enthusiasts, this snack promises a thrilling flavor adventure in every bite, making it a must-have for those who crave bold and fiery taste experiences.

  • Explosive Flavor Fusion: Doritos Dynamite delivers an intense taste experience with its Flamin Hot Corn Snack featuring a perfect blend of cheese, chili, and lime flavors by Sabritas.
  • Snack-sized Heat: This 70g pack is a fiery and compact snack option, ensuring you get the bold and spicy kick of Dynamite whenever you're on the go or need a quick burst of flavor.
  • Spice Lovers' Delight: Indulge in the thrill of spice with every crunchy bite, making this snack an irresistible choice for those who crave a harmonious balance of heat and savory goodness.
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